Free Pokie Games And Facts About Pokies Online

Slot Machines were invented in 1895 and since then have become known as Slots, one armed bandits, fruit machines, poker machines, and of course pokies – in fact it is the pokies that are the more common term used and today we’re going to take a look at some of the more interesting facts surrounding pokie machines and find out where the best free pokie games are and where to play pokies online free.
Charles Fay, a car mechanic from California invented the first ever slot machine and is now famous for creating the beginning of free pokie games and pokies online free
The average payout for a pokie machine is around 91%. The minimum pokie payout % in Australia by law is 87% although you will get a better return rate with the online pokies no deposit bonus options provided by the best Australian online casinos
The first ever pokie machine to arrive in Australia came in the early 1900’s but were not made legal until 1956 when they first appeared in NSW
The first pokie machine created in Australia was in the 1950’s by Aristocrat and was called ‘the clubman’. There have since been hundreds of real money and free pokie games like queen of the nile and big red which have become famous

Australia has over 200,000 pokie machines and is the world’s biggest spender of pokies and no deposit bonus games with real money losses
It is estimated that around AU$4 billion is collected by the Australian Government each from the pokies each year. But then Australia has 5 times more pokies than America so this massive tax revenue stream is no surprise.
There is no pokie secret to increase pokie wins. Free pokie games payout is completely random, it doesn’t matter who has played it before you or how much they won/lost
A pokie machine is never due to payout. Payouts are completely random and the % of a pokie machines payout is based over a lifetime. The algorithm that controls the reels is called a Random Number Generator and the word random is not there because it sounds good – put it that way
Pokies use a RNG (random number generator). This ensures every spin is random and fair. The pokie will randomly choose its reels the very second you press the button or pull the handle. Before this point it does not know what it will show next. Pressing 1 second later would change the outcome to one second before.
The above point means that if you walk away from the machine and someone else goes on and spins once and gets the jackpot, that jackpot would probably have not been won by you as the second you press the button determines the outcome of the reels.
Machines in Pubs, Clubs and Casinos are all the same, they are all random and you have as much chance of winning on one pokie as the other – which is why taking advantage of online pokies no deposit bonus offers and enjoying free pokie games is the best option for playing your favourite pokie games and not wasting your hard earned money